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Custom Dining Experiences

Scroll to learn about the custom cuisine and wine, bourbon, or other spirit pairings that we can bring to your home.


In-home, off-site, or elsewhere

The dining options below offer a sample of what we have done in the past, but we are happy to create events, experiences, and evenings that are not listed. Your only limiting factor is your imagination. We understand that every event has a different style, from casual to formal, and our professional service team can always accommodate. We’re happy to speak with you about what you want to create – just reach out.

That perfect meal that you’re dreaming of is now but a phone call away. We look forward to serving you.


Choose the number of courses and the dishes to be served
Let the culinary team at The Establishment cook dinner for you at home. Don't worry about having the right plates, silver, pots or pans — we'll bring everything needed to provide you with an incredible dining experience and take it all away with us when your experience is complete.
Let us prepare the hors d'oeuvres for you before your dinner party. It's a great addition to a dining at home experience.
Some parties, both small, intimate affairs and large gatherings of family and friends, revolve around a variety of passed hors d'oeuvres, wine, and cocktails. We can make this happen for you with an in-house chef preparing the food and our incredible service team passing to your guests.
We'll take care of the entire weekend, from arrival on Friday to Sunday brunch.
Want to hire our culinary team to prepare three meals a day for you for an entire day? Want to have a chef on site for the day or for an entire weekend? Reach out to our private event coordinator and let them know what your perfect situation looks like, and we'll make it happen for you.
Stock your fridge with delicious snacks that are easily heated or eaten cold.
We know what it's like going on vacation or getting through a long visit from family or friends. You want to have snacks and things to eat when you get home from walking around the city or from sitting on the beach. Let The Establishment prepare platters of easy, elegant foods that you can serve your guests.


Select a region, vintner, or general style
Our sommeliers will prepare a tasting for you to go along with your in-home meal selected by region or vintner, or we can prepare a stand-alone tasting to fit your group's tastes or curiosity.
Want to learn more about your favorite style of whiskey?
Choose from American Whiskey (Bourbon), Irish Whiskey, or Scotch, or have a tasting that compares the different regions, ages, or method of production and learn what makes each style unique.
A professional bartender mixing classic cocktails
The best part of a vacation is the ability to have a cocktail at any time of the day. The best part of our cocktail service is that you get an expertly crafted cocktail wherever you are, whenever you want it.


You catch it. We'll prep and cook it.
Love to fish but hate to cook? Then enjoy your fishing trip and bring home what you can. Then let our seafood experts take over. Let us know what you caught and we'll come over, clean the fish, then cook it for you and yours.
After we serve you drinks, we'll drive
Have our talented bartenders come and serve you afternoon cocktails or wine, then let us take your entire group downtown in our Sprinter van to dine at The Establishment.