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Bringing Charleston’s Best Seafood to Your Kitchen Table.

Whether this is your first time in Charleston, you visit every year, or you’ve lived here all of your life, you know that the Holy City delights in culinary perfection. At The Establishment, we understand how this is achieved: it begins with fresh, seasonal seafood from in and around Charleston, South Carolina. Our relationships with local farmers and fishermen ensures that everything on your plate is always the best available. Everything we serve will always reflect our clean, non-complex, and balanced approach, delivering a selection of thoughtful and refined dishes. And we’re now bringing these ingredients directly to your door, preparing them in your kitchen, and serving them at your table.

Available Experiences:

Executive chef Matt Canter and his team will create and curate a multi-course menu for you and your guests, relying heavily on discussions with you on what you want to appear on your table. This incredible dining experience will feature a four- to seven-course dinner, including an intimate conversation with the chef about the preparation of each course as it’s being served. You may also choose to have one of our sommeliers attend to educate you about each wine or bourbon as it is being poured.

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This private, in-home dinner is a great way to make memories
with friends here in Charleston, South Carolina.

Seafood: It's What We Do
Local Oysters on Caesar Salad
Charleston's Cocktails at Your Home

Why In-Home Dining?

In-home dining allows you to do what you came to Charleston to do: relax and enjoy time with friends and family. Don't stress about getting downtown and parking, or about how to feed everyone at once. Leave that to our talented service team. Incredible dining, brought to your door, and we clean up the mess, leaving you with more time, less stress.

Available Experiences